(1) Pepper Road DIY Home Decor, for your outdoor summer party!
“Bayside Birthday”

c. June 2016.
Concept, creative lead + Stylist + co-Photographer (and faux-birthday-girl)

Since our early “Food Photography” class evening, these events have become a special thing to my team of designers and select contributors/freelancers! This time, we wanted to showcase our gifting products (pillows, blankets, luggage tags + more), that launched before Q4 — so they had never been featured in a non-Christmas way, or with designs instead of engagement photos. It was my goal to sell these products anew. What resulted was exactly that….and each attendee excitedly taking home everything used in the shoot.   CLICK HERE TO READ THE FIRST POST.


942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids2 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids3 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids4 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids5 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids6 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids7 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids8 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids9 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids10 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids11 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids12 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids13 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids14 942_NPLBlog_BaysideBDayDIY_grids15

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