In 2018, I had the career honor of producing an internal TV spot. A social video I led was chosen for Strayer’s TV spot for 3 quarters, over an agency-produced alternative. This all happened because of truly organic buzz and hype surrounding the first cut from Ace Metrics, Marketing Wire ,and Biz Women. Following it’s TV release Strayer experienced a 9% growth that quarter.



2018: Queen Latifah’s “Never Stop Growing”
:30 TV SPOT – Producer, run of show, lead creative

the official Q4 2018 thru Q2 2019 TV spot of all east coasts market for Strayer University


Which originated from the sizzle 1min:



Marketing Wire 
“Strayer University’s top-rated inspiring ad featured Queen Latifah and leveraged her commencement speech to draw attention to an important life event. The ad grabbed attention and built brand credibility.”

Ace Metrics
Ranked #1 Most Inspiring Ad of Q3 2018

Biz Women

“Strayer University’s ad featuring Queen Latifah’s June commencement speech stressing the power of a college education at any stage of life scored in the 99th percentile in the inspiring ads category. Viewers connected with the actress and rapper’s advice, “Never Stop Growing.”






Additionally, PHOTOGRAPHER that day myself, for PR media outlets like The Washington Post, and promotion and cross-funnel asset use. Seen on Queen Latifah’s Instagram here.
And on Strayer’s page here.


Original recap posts week of:









Strayer University Commencement Ceremonies,
2017-2018. Story-telling content of the success, and triumph of commencement in different social activations to full-funnel activations. From concept to completion, producing all. All filmed by Altamira Film Co.


2017: “Journey of the Scroll”
Social activation video

*since it’s launch, it plays at everyone of our (10) commencements a year, as the opening jumbotron video to begin the ceremonies! 






2017: “Stand-Up Tradition”
Social activation video

*used in social media strategy

And check out the Snapchat filters! 




. . .

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