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There was a moment I always loved most  –  right before the curtain of a show went up. Standing in the wings, watching all of us scutter in a cascade of trapped light. Between mirrors and equipment. The excitement. The shift of fabric and beautiful movements, the unknown to come, the great sweep of a creation about to breathe life…



Hello there.

I’m an artist and a brand magician. Also known as; idea maker, corporate strategist, designer and photographer.

Quite literally growing up in the backstages of ballet, I kickstarted my career designing punk posters for + photographing underground theatre in Baltimore. I co-started a production company, Painted Stage, with my brother while still in college. And got hustlin’ in-house at Towson University’s Design+Pub office. Around this time, Beatnik Baltimore began.

Then I drove west and followed a dream.  Earning my stripes at the renowned DDB Chicago agency. Racing through new business pitches and national ad campaigns alongside the greats. Staying hip in counter culture freelancing for theatres like Second City and as production designer on independent films.

Eager for the “design hungry and DIY” culture of start-ups, I joined Nations Photo Lab. Building the design department of 4 brands, from the bottom up. Taking a 1 person team to a revenue-boosting, 6 person powerhouse of illustrators, digital designers, UX’ers, and 1 video editor. Doubling as brand ambassador, designer of weekly sale campaigns, photographer of every product and founder of blog Pepper Road.

And, as all grown ups do, then settling down outside Washington, DC. Leading creative strategy for the good guys. In-house at Strayer University on campaigns and campus activations, conceptual storytelling, in-house video, social, and even artificial intelligence. The Queen Latifah partnership realized a lifelong goal; producing a national TV commercial with “Never Stop Growing.”


Now a year after the merger of Strayer+Capella into SEI, cultivating a culture of creativity for innovation. From staffing talent on my senior level “think tank” to developing new ways for design+writing to effect change and re-think the norm to success.


Eager always for the next great brand identity, story, or creative trick to make.





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