About Kate


Because the the art- it feels like we were seen.
In all of the magic that we create. 

There was a moment I always loved most as a child – the moment right before the curtain of a show went up. Standing in the wings, watching the ballerinas scutter into a cascade of trapped light between mirrors and equipment. The excitement. The shift of fabric and beautiful movements, the unknown to come, the great sweep of a creation about to breathe life…




With that, after my own pointe shoes were put away for good…I rejoined the world of backstages – by designing posters / shooting stage photography for underground theatre and production designing independent films.

Then the dance of design took me to Chicago, racing alongside advertising greats at DDB / then back to Baltimore to build a design department for a start-up from the bottom up / and finally, settling down outside Washington, D.C. leading creative strategy.

So that as a strategy-focused creative with 10 years of experience, I innovate to deliver brand growth; through data-driven results in visual identities, storytelling, campaigns, social activations, and authentic photo/video shoots.

That’s building brand creative magic.


*Latest Family Sessions* Pixieset
– Film favorites here and here *
Behind the scenes videos on old shoots
– Throwback: Theatre Work
– Personal blog, The Beatnik Baltimore
– …and a personal shoutout from Queen Latifah here.




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